Sunday, September 13, 2009

MR Urography (CINE Display)

Normal cine MR urography shows intermittent distension of the ureters with urine. Only the distal ureters are not visible, owing to the distended urinary bladder. Note minimal interference from intestinal fluid due to administration of negative enteric contrast material prior to the study.

Cine MR urography with uteropelvic junction obstruction of the right kidney. Note that no urine is visualized in the ureter below the uteropelvic junction owing to the high-grade obstruction.

Coronal 3D gradient-echo images from excretory MR urography performed at 1.5 T with a 3-mm through-plane resolution.

Magnified coronal fat-suppressed 3D gradient-echo images through the right kidney from full-field-of-view excretory MR urography performed at 3.0 T with a 2-mm through-plane resolution.

Cine MR urography of patient with surgically proved necrotic clear cell carcinoma of the right kidney and partially obstructing blood clot in the right proximal ureter. Note standing column of urine in the ureter above the filling defect in the proximal ureter and intermittent distension of the ureter below this level, indicating partial obstruction. Partial obstruction was also confirmed on contrast-enhanced images (not shown).

Cine MR urography shows persistent right-sided hydronephrosis and standing column of urine in the right ureter to the level of the ileal anastomosis. Note peristalsis in ileal loop.

Keywords: MR Urography, MRU

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