Saturday, January 2, 2010

Musculoskeletal MRI 101 (I/II)

Tags: MSK, musculoskeletal MRI, protocol, magnetization transfer, magnetization transfer suppression, magic angle effect, tissue contrast, pulse sequences


  1. Anonymous2:19:00 PM

    FSE or TSE are using an effective TE while a SE uses an actual TE that is selected by the operator of the equipment. With a FSE the te may say it is 12 but it has 3 echos, the first echo may be a te of 7 the second may be 12 and the third may be 18, making the effective te 12. this is why the contrast or detail is not as good for labrum or meniscus tears.

  2. To be exact, there are two contributing factors come into play. See my next post for details. Stay tuned...